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Cuba Travel

Aggressor Adventures LLC is the Oceans For Youth Foundation contracted reservation agency for the legal ‘People-to-People’ Cuba travel programs onboard the Jardines Aggressor I, Jardines Aggressor II and the M/V Oceans for Youth yachts. The Oceans For Youth Foundation is the registered licensed foundation to run these legal programs. Travelers will spend a week scuba diving in the best locations in Cuba while learning about the preservation of the marine environment and interacting with the Cuban culture. 

OFAC License – Legal Cuba Travel

Oceans For Youth Foundation has had an approved license for the ‘People-to-People’ educational exchange program since February 2015 under which you will be traveling. The OFAC Regulations require that each U.S. citizen must have a full-time educational exchange program that results in meaningful interaction for travelers and individuals in Cuba.

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